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I’m back at school in a lecture hall.

There’s a talk that’s meant to be about trams and machinery.

My surname in the dream is ‘Com’ so suddenly they think I might be apt for doing a talk on that (communications? Intercom?) In the end, we’re meant to have prepared a poem about machinery?

So we’re all sitting on stage, with our laptops, reading our poems out. Suddenly, my laptop starts playing a dance track and I’m pressing mute but can’t stop it.

The scariest teacher from my old school comes up to me fuming and telling me to turn it off, and I keep showing him the mute button and turn-off the laptop and it still plays.

It’s on relatively quiet so the people continue. I say I didn’t even want to do this, I was picked out.

Then, the school secretary comes and says I have an urgent letter and hands me a crumpled letter with my address on. I can’t bring myself to open it, and never see what’s inside.

I wake up soon after.


Freelance Journalist, Vice News

Any dream in a school setting highlights social fears and what others think about you.

Clearly, there is a dissociation between who you feel you truly are (your dream name ‘Com’ suggests your desire to write or communicate) and what the world expects of you which is something far less creative, more predictable like a machine.

You attempt to fulfil social expectations or hide who you really are, but your creativity refuses to be suppressed. When confronted you announce that you feel picked on and don’t want to do what is expected of you.

This is bold and commendable but what is missing here is that you don’t actually announce to others who you really are and what you want to do.

The arrival of the letter represents a realisation about yourself or chance for you to express yourself.

Your reaction is key here – you can’t bring yourself to open it – so your dreaming mind is drawing your attention to an aspect of yourself that you just aren’t acknowledging or expressing fully to yourself and to others.

I suspect it is your desire to be a communicator of a truly important message to the world, or perhaps to work freelance rather than for a company, and until you commit to that inner calling you will keep having this kind of frustrating dream where information is not revealed or trains missed or calls not answered and so on.

Vision Master

Dream Interpretor, The Church of Jediism

I’m riding a vintage Chevrolet through the futuristic tunnels of a fictionalize airport (it’s shiny and industrial, slick and sharp).

Throughout the dream I am trying to catch a plane to an unknown destination, but various things keep holding me back.

I have to buy some duty-free items for a friend to pay them back for something unknown, and find it hard to carry all the stuff.

When I present the boarding pass at the till there is an error message on the computer that comes up. I end up missing the plane.


Freelance Journalist, Vice News

All dream vehicles represent the progress you are making in life and the way you experience life and your choice of vehicles in this dream suggest there are conflicting aspects within you – the vintage car representing a desire within you for a life that is traditional, steady and comfortable versus the futuristic airport or a desire within you to be a bold and adventurous trendsetter in a new age.

You aren’t sure of your destination suggesting you can’t decide whether you are going to settle for the path of predictability, perhaps working for others, or the path of creativity and uncertainty, perhaps working for yourself.

Along the way the demands of your friends distract you from deciding where you want to go with your life – the result is a missed plane.

Again these kinds of missed opportunity dreams will reoccur until you have decided which path you want to take in life and who you want to be.

Vision Master

Dream Interpretor, The Church of Jediism

I’m in a shared house, a kind of kids care home, with a group of random people. Outside a war is going on with all kinds of weird looking guns and fizzing grenades.

An old man visits the house and I end up selling an antique table in one of its many rooms to him for £500.

Throughout the dream, a crazed bearded devil-man stalks us through the corridors, until I wake up, caught by him.


Freelance Journalist, Vice News

According to Jung, a house represents the ‘mansion of the soul,’ in other words a dream symbol of you – your mind, body and spirit.

Your dream house is shared indicating that right now your identity isn’t fully formed but being defined by others.

You feel comforted by the company of others (as the world outside can sometimes feel like a war zone) but you also describe your house (yourself) as a kind of care home, perhaps indicating that you are taking care of people who feel vulnerable or lost and are over identifying with their needs, neglecting your own.

Your dreaming mind is warning you to set clear boundaries between them and you otherwise you will lose a sense of who you are and what you are on this earth to do.

There are two visitors to your house. The old man represents wisdom from your past and you are able to utilise that and earn a financial reward – in this case, I think your dreaming mind is urging you to put your education and resulting distinguished (antique) ability to communicate with profound insight to productive use.

The devil man represents the wild side or the part of yourself that you keep hidden from the world that wants to challenge and question everyone and everything.

You need to find a healthy way to express that dark side (as we all have both dark and light within us) to feel whole.

Yet again this is a dream about reconciling conflicting aspects of yourself and finding your true identity, an identity that is not influenced by others and what they think or expect of you.

Vision Master

Dream Interpretor, The Church of Jediism

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