Theresa Cheung

Theresa Cheung

I am just an ordinary woman who has had extraordinary experiences”


Theresa was born into a family of spiritualists and studied Theology and English at King’s College, Cambridge University before launching into a career in education and then journalism and writing.

Theresa has been writing books about the psychic world for over twenty five years now – some of which have gone onto become Sunday Times Top 10 bestsellers, some have been translated into 25 different languages and her internationally bestselling mind body spirit Encylopedias are still selling strongly – yet Theresa has never claimed to be a psychic or a medium.

The turning point though for Theresa’s belief came in her early thirties. Up until that point, although she believed in heaven, she had had no psychic experience to prove it to herself, but in her early 30s she clearly heard the voice of her mother in spirit calling her name at a busy junction urging her to take the right path. Instead of heading left as she had originally intended she turned right and that split second change of mind saved her life.

There have been moments of serious doubt and crisis along the way but Theresa has never truly lost her passion for spreading the word that the afterlife is real.