We are able to offer a variety of services, we aim to cater to everyone who supports our Church; be they Star Wars fan or training Jediist.

We split our ceremony services into two separate piles, fan service and Church of Jediism Service. We’ll endeavour to find a master who suits your need and has to travel the least to keep costs down.

No ceremony is set in stone and we will endeavour to make your occasion unique and suitable for you, if you’re not spiritual we can take it in a different direction. If you’re a fan, we can cater just for that too. We will go into great detail about your life and what you want us to talk about in our speech.

Wedding Blessings

The Church of Jediism service:
We are more than happy to unite our followers and those who are trained in Jediism; being one of the longest standing members of the Jedi faith I’m able to offer a variety of speeches, be it spiritual or a more atheist approach.

We will look at how the Force will bind your spirits together and how you can live your days together while still following the Jedi code.

Fan service:
In the Star Wars films, Jedi cannot marry due to the conflict of interest and potential of emotion issues. And therefore it isn’t often featured in the films; however as a big Star Wars fan I have created a speech that is devoted to the Star Wars universe.

Naming and Knighting ceremony

The Church of Jediism service:

The birth of a child is a wonderful thing, and we are honoured to be considered for the naming ceremony, the child doesn’t need to have a Star Wars name; but if you feel you wish to raise the child as a Jedi, this is the perfect way to introduce your family to that idea and a master will be on hand to explain and discuss any concerns with friends or family.

I had my name changed to my Star Wars name as a show to my faith and dedication to the Church of Jediism, a naming ceremony for a teenager or adult is more of a party to showcase how much we appreciate your support. You will be knighted by a master, and we’ll help you arrange your day.

Fan service:

In the Star Wars universe a naming day is basically a birthday, so we would instead hold a knighting ceremony. We will hold a speech for you and celebrate your achievements, a knighting ceremony will change greatly depending on what you’re getting knighted for, they work great for stag days, or for great accomplished or celebrations. After your custom speech, a master and several of your friends will surround you in a circle and the assigned master will knight you.

You will also receive complimentary Jedi robes after your ceremony.


The Church of Jediism service:

Funerals at the Church of Jediism are more a time of celebration, not of mourning. Of course, we can’t shut our emotions but we look forward to our fallen Jedi giving into the Force and we reminisce about how the Jedi have affected the lives of others, but also how they will continue to affect the world even in death.

Fan service:

A fan service for a funeral is possible but we would need a long one to one session about how it would all work, we work closely with the friends and family to create a wonderful, memorable funeral even if we are unable to give a speech, we can look at how to “Star Wars-afiy” your funeral.

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