Richard has been mesmerized by Star Wars from the time he first spotted the tapes in the video shop at the age of four. He watched them in one sitting and pestered his mother to continually rent them out ever after. This early encounter with the magical world of The Force provide the inspiration necessary to later study meditation, as well as the martial and healing arts. After a series of spontaneous ‘awakening’ experiences as a teenager, Richard began studying meditation. Initially he was interested in Zen Buddhism and eventually became fascinated with Advaita Vedanta, the non-dual teachings of self realisation, as a way of exploring the depths of
Consciousness. Since 2004 Richard has studied with author and philosopher Tim Freke, looking at mystical experience, how it is expressed in the world’s spiritual traditions and encoded within mythology. Richard and Tim record a regular dialogue series together where they discuss all sort of spirituality related themes. You can watch it here. Richard regularly runs groups both online and in the real world dedicated to exploring meditative approaches to accessing deeper places in consciousness. He aims to make this something anyone can understand and access. His work also focuses on the potential these states hold for allowing people to see through their limiting beliefs and live lives free from self imposed mental restrictions. You can listen to recordings of his meditations here. His workshops focus on various themes, from magic and manifestation – exploring the world around us as a reflection of our own mind, to death and bereavement – looking at how spiritual philosophy as well as modern research can help us confront life’s most profound mystery. He also works on a project called Unbreaking the Mirror – investigating meditation as a tool to help with body image distress.

Richard holds a black belt in the martial art of aikido. He studied this in tandem with meditation as a way of embodying the deep conscious state. Aikido itself is spiritual in its origins, it being a study of peaceful ways to engage with conflict. (Aikido practitioners have long speculated that the founder of the art, Morihei Ueshiba, may have served as George Lucas’ inspiration for Master Yoda). You can watch some of Richard’s instructional videos here. Richard’s Jedi training will explore the perennial philosophy, the spiritual teachings about consciousness found across the world’s religious traditions. Most importantly he will show how we can all easily access these deep states of consciousness for the betterment of our own lives. He will also look at how myth has been a vehicle for spiritual teachings in human cultures going back as far as Ancient Egypt and beyond. He will then explore how Star Wars, as one of the major myths of our age, continues this tradition. Finally he will look at how to tease out the meaning of the myth and use it to transform our own lives.

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