I’m Patrick Day-Childs, I’ve been with The Church of Jediism for a long time. I’ve helped Daniel with some of the training. Now I’ve been put in charge of organising the much in demand ceremony service from our order.

We are able to offer a variety of services, we aim to cater to everyone who supports our Church; be they Star Wars fan or training Jedi[ist]. We split our ceremony services into two separate piles, fan service and CoJ Service. We’ll endeavour to find a master who suits your need and has to travel the least to keep costs down. No ceremony is set in stone and we will endeavour to make your occasion unique and suitable for you, if you’re not spiritual we can take it in a different direction. If you’re a fan, we can cater just for that too. We will go into great detail about your life and what you want us to talk about in our speech.

To find out more about our special ceremonies, please click here.