Kate Beddow is a teacher and holistic therapist who specializes in working with teachers and schools to promote mindfulness and good mental health. She has always been interested in religion and spirituality (her teaching degree was in Primary Education with Theology and Religious Studies). As an adolescent she began searching for meaning and truth and having dipped her toe into many world religions she came to the conclusion that she her belief system was a magical blend of all of them, but mostly she believes in love, tolerance and “the force”.

Kate worked with all ages from Early Years to High School during her teaching career but in 2007 she made a life changing decision. Having been diagnosed with a lifelong condition, she underwent major surgery to remove a pituitary tumour. She had a very young daughter at that time and stopped and assessed her life choices. She quickly made the decision not to return to teaching. Instead she made her health a priority and decided to learn how to keep herself mentally and physically healthy using energy healing, mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

Against all the odds, Kate now has two children and runs her own business as well as working with schools to help them give their staff and students the skills they need to maintain their own emotional wellbeing. By combining her teaching and holistic skills Kate has created classes and training to help teachers to help their students, and themselves, stay happy, healthy and calm. Her sessions are informative, interactive and fun.

Growing up in the late 70’s and 80’s Star Wars and the force was omnipresent in Kate’s life. She watched the films often as a child and all her male friends were obsessed. She didn’t realise quite the impact these philosphies had had on her until a birthday trip to Legoland Windsor and their amazing Star Wars miniland models sparked a fire in her own son (then only 4 years old) and his obsession was born. She realised upon watching the films again that their teachings fit beautifully with her own beliefs and all the energy training she had completed over the years.

Since then she has created a Jedi Training School birthday party for her son, and a Star Wars Mindfulness Lesson Plan for teachers to use and has rediscovered her love of the magic of “the force”. The philosophies of the films are the perfect introduction to some very advanced spiritual concepts.