I was seven years old when I was introduced to Star wars. My dad bought home a Vhs (remember those) of empire strikes back, and upon the first watching, I was hooked. The action, the humour, the peril, the awesomeness of Darth Vader!

It is easy to say that little else has ever had an impact on my life more than Star Wars. However when people ask me why I love it, I can’t answer. It may be that I was the perfect ages when the rerelease so came in the cinema in 97, and when the prequels were released, and I was swept away with the hype, and it appears I am still being swept towards the Star Wars abyss. With the releases of the new movies, my excitement is as high as it ever has been. December isn’t about Christmas anymore, it is about Star wars!

Star wars isn’t just a series of movies. , its comics, book, tv series, toys, models, collector items. It is an expanded universe, with planets, each with their own ecosystems, cultures and mythos. It is characters, each with a name and a story. It has religions, and philosophical thinking, for all points of view.

I am nearly thirty and still my love for Star Wars is as strong as ever, my house is a practical shrine to Darth Vader. My signed David prowess Darth Vader helmet is my prized possession, meeting the man himself was simply the highlight of my life! No exaggeration!!I

Despite the fact I am in no way the biggest Star Wars in the world, and the fact my knowledge base, whilst expansive isn’t the best out there, when I was asked to write about the Jedi and their ideology, how could I refuse. To try and convey my love of Star Wars to an audience with a vested interest in the ways of the Jedi is a tall order, so I hope I have done it justice! I hope you enjoy the module, and find it useful!!

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