Jo Angel is an Intuitive Psychic who has worked for the last 19 years in helping people to achieve their full potential. Jo has worked predominantly in behaviour management, setting up and running successful personal development centres within education for very challenging young people. She has also worked with many high-profile clients, sports professionals, and business executives. Jo has trained in psychology, counselling, coaching, neuro linguistics, hypnotherapy, psychic development to name a few but Jo feels her biggest qualifications have come from her own very challenging journey through life. She also believes that ‘the force’ has been the only thing that has kept her alive on many occasions! No matter what life’s journey has thrown at her, Jo has never lost her spirit, sense of humour, optimism or hope. “Your focus determines your reality” Qui-Gon Jinn

She now combines coaching with her intuitive skills and can offer positive, gentle insight, understanding and a plan of action to empower, motivate and support you. Her energy and passion for you to do more, be more and to break free of limitations, is the key source of strength. She has a proven track record of fast and successful results in guiding people to find their ‘inner force’.

Jo believes firmly that energy is everything in this life. If energies become blocked or trapped in negative cycles, or we are around the wrong environment or people, then this is where troubles can often manifest. Jo’s expertise, empathy and compassion can really help you get to the root of the problem and move forwards.

Her work is featured in magazines and she is also a motivational writer and intuitive reader. She is writing her first book this year which will help in ‘freeing you of your past’ and of the power it can maintain over you. “Heaven is forever, life is but a short journey” is her philosophy so let’s try to keep moving forwards.