I saw the first Star Wars (IV) when I was seven years old, and I emerged from the theater absolutely changed. I was drawn to the force and the philosophy behind it. I felt like someone was finally speaking my language. My favorite Star Wars quote is when Yoda tells Luke, “Patience you must learn!” I relate to that, especially because I am still working on learning it.


As to credentials, I am a scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the director of the Innovation Lab there. I am also a visiting scholar in the psychology department at Northwestern University, and the science director of Focus@Will Labs. Finally, I am an associate professor of integral and transpersonal psychology at California Institute for Integral Studies. My major research interest is understanding how humans can use unconscious information processing to predict future events, as described here, here, and at the Mossbridge Institute website.


My training modules focus on Pillar Four: Intelligence nurtured by mastering inner and outer space. As Jedis who take our training seriously, we all need to master the basics of the philosophies behind science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) in order to call ourselves Jedi Masters. Why? Well, one of the reasons that we revere Jedi Masters is that they represent the way that scientific and technological prowess can be combined with mastery of emotions, feelings, intuition, and socially positive actions. Although most STEM educators do not discuss “inner space” (emotions/feelings/intuition/social development), many Nobel Prize winners in physics, chemistry, and biology have discussed the roles of intuition, dreams, and self-awareness in their discoveries.


In my two modules, you’ll learn about how to master inner and outer space as you pursue your work as a Jedi Master – whether you are explaining to others the statistics that describe a political race or you are trying to invent a new source of renewable energy. Rest assured, your effort will pay off – you will be able to take new tools into your daily life. You will gain a keen understanding of yourself, what you can offer the world, and how to take care of your emotional self as you do the work of a Jedi.


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