As a young child, Dan recognised that he thought and behaved differently to others. In primary school he noticed that he could communicate in a way that influenced groups without anyone realising what he had done. To manage sensory overload, he discovered meditation and the healing power of nature. In his teens he began studying hypnosis, meditation and martial arts.

Growing up with the Star Wars films Dan realised that the Jedi philosophies mirrored philosophies from religions, martial arts, and from effective therapists so he started living a Jedi lifestyle, developing himself and honing his skills. Dan has Asperger’s which has driven his interest in communication and personal growth.

In 2001 Dan started practicing as a hypnotherapist and mind-body therapist. In 2005 he started teaching about reality, communication, and human potential, and was described in ‘At Home With Gok Wan’ magazine in 2007 as “the UK’s leading personal development coach.” He has been featured in national and international media including BBC, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mirror and Reader’s Digest, and on Sky TV documentary ‘The Anatomy of Fear’.

Dan is best-selling author of over a dozen books on hypnosis, meditation, personal development and autism, including best-selling ‘Advanced Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Scripts’, ‘Take Control of Your Life’ and his Asperger’s autobiography ‘Look Into My Eyes’. His books have sold over 100,000 copies. He also creates self-help mp3’s which have been downloaded over 500,000 times and has a YouTube channel ‘Dan Jones Hypnosis’ where he shares videos about self-help, wellbeing, perception, reality, healing story-telling, and about his experiences living with Asperger’s. His videos have been viewed almost 2.5 million times.

Since 2015 Dan has focused on teaching eCourses, writing and sharing knowledge and help via YouTube. He has had extensive mind-body therapy experience, especially in hypnotherapy, meditations and energy therapies.


He believes that all things are connected through a web of information and it is when we put blocks up or dilute this information that communication gets impeded, but when you take the time to access this information and let the information flow – through information transduction, that change and deep-consciousness communication occurs. He believes that the most fundamental aspect of life is trance. The world we experience is experienced from within a trance state, and through all human history people have sought out ways of accessing healing and intuitive trance states through flickering flames, music and rhythms, dancing, the use of mind altering substances and story-telling. He believes that everyone’s reality, or trance-perception is real to them, and so we should interact with each other, not from our own viewpoint or reality, but by entering the trance-reality of the other person.

Dan’s Jedi training will share how you can connect deeply, profoundly and influentially with others through breathing, how you can communicate on multiple levels at once and how you can engage with and understand the world in a deeper more profound way by connecting with the flow of information that permeates within us, around us, in all things, and binds us all together, and the importance of developing and trusting your non-conscious.




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