Christopher has five black belts in Karate and invented his own style of Karate thirty years ago called Yamashima. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in history and Archaeology and is a qualified reflexologist and EFT practitioner as well as an experienced mediator in domestic problem mediation.

The majority of Christopher’s career was devoted to archaeological research and digs but he also specialised in EFT emotional freedom technique and studied the practice to offer coaching and healing sessions to help anyone he could. However, it was the world of self-defence and martial arts that Christopher felt the Force most strongly flow through him.

His karate system, Yamashima, came from his development of traditional karate mixed with street fighting and boxing techniques to create a practical self defence system and he has taught this system with great success to packed halls of students in the U.K for close to thirty years. Yarashima is an easy to learn self defence system that can help anyone, whatever their age or fitness level or experience of martial arts, become wise and practical in potentially dangerous situations.

Christopher looks forward to sharing his experience and knowledge about the many practical, physical, mental and spiritual benefits martial arts can offer. The Force is strong with all those who have studied with him these last three decades and it will become strong for all those who commit to his pillar two module.