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Sonia Ducie

“Numerology opens our mind, heart and soul expression, so we can become more of our true self.” Sonia Ducie.

Hi, I’m Sonia and like you I love Numerology! That’s why I’m here, it’s why you’re here and why we’re working together right now. Through Numerology you will learn and grow, like I have and continue to do so. I’ve written 12 books on Numerology and am a teacher with The Connaissance School. Yet each time I look at numbers I’m like you – seeing, understanding, and connecting with something new. It’s a totally enriching experience and Numerology offers continual learning.

As a child, I was fascinated by mathematics but it had its limitations to the purely physical world. As a teenager, I became interested in cycles and that taught me about patterns and repetition. As an adult, I was drawn to Esoteric Numerology because it gave me the link to access my own spiritual development, to help me understand people, and to connect to the world and the entire universe (everything is energy). It has totally enriched all my relationships, given me a life vocation, a successful career, and inspired me in infinite ways. I count my blessings.

Through intuition Numerology has the power to connect everyday life with the unseen worlds – spirit, soul (inner life), intellect, emotions, and the physical world – they all merge together. I have learned there is no such thing as separation – only separation within unity – humanity is one soul and our universe is connected to other universes. We are truly in life together. The most important step is that of self-discovery and that begins at the beginning with Lesson 1! Enjoy.

Star Wars

From the first breath of a newborn child to the greater breath of the universe, everything goes in cycles – birth and death, day and night – everything is connected by the light, prana or The Force. The Force is working through us and when we can recognize the Force then we have the choice to use it for good like the Jedi Knights.

The Star Wars films bring to light all that is good and possible whilst highlighting the trials of humanity awakening to higher levels of consciousness and taking the step of ultimate responsibility. George Lucas was a genius and it’s only now the masses are recognizing the deeper significance of the symbolism contained within his films. Lucas believed in all religions and studied many different languages. He possessed awareness of other dimensions (than purely the physical). It is the same with Numerology – it encompasses all, includes all, and welcomes all.

What is Numerology?

As within the symbolism of the Star Wars films, the light (spirit), the dark (personality) and the infinite creative potential (soul) are contained within all of the number energies 1 to 9. But it’s up to us how we choose to act, react, or interpret each of these energies that’s important. We can use them in a selfish way or for the highest creative good of mankind. It’s our choice and our responsibility. The zero is like a black hole in space that contains all potential from past experiences and for the future. All numbers are born out of the no-thing or the infinite Force. Out of the zero the numbers 1 to 9 flow, providing us with a blueprint for life.

How is Numerology applied?

Numerology can be applied to any situation, issue, word, name, World Cycle, Birth Date – literally everything. To find out the numbers for words and names simply translate the letter of from the Alphabet into a number, A=1, B=2, C=3, and so on. There will be more information on Names in a future Numerology Lessons. By applying Numerology to the Birth Date, Birth Names, Place of Birth and Time of Birth, a personal Birth Chart can be drawn up. It reveals so many different areas of focus: Personality Number, Life Path Number, Soul Number, Karma Number, Name Numbers and Personal Year Number. Each area will be explored in this Course.

The best way to apply Numerology is by practically learning about some of the qualities assigned to the numbers 1 – 9 and then to interpret them in your own way through your feelings, thoughts and ultimately through intuition. It’s easy to recognize some but maybe not all of the qualities, issues, gifts, creative potential, etc. written about the numbers in this Course. That’s because as human beings there are many ways we grow, change and adapt, and for each area of our chart, there is infinite creative potential.

Numerology: –

  • Brings clarity, frees our mind so we can find our truth, creates universal peace (ultimately) and awakens spirituality – it bonds us together as a community.
  • Is simple to practice. We need to be receptive, let go of trying to think too much about the numbers and listen to intuition (inner soul guidance).
  • Helps us to form our own impressions.
  • Is a universal language that creates unity. It empowers us to use our gifts, strengthen ourselves from within, and to embrace challenges by seeing many possibilities for positive change.
  • Helps us to recognize the common denominators – we are all bathed in the same universal unconditional love of our solar system and we are all learning the similar lessons in life.
  • Teaches us how to depersonalise situations so we can discover the root cause of issues, and then to take full responsibility instead of blaming others. When we take responsibility it uplifts the world.
  • Gives us instant clues as to what the practical issues, soul lessons and karmic work (big lessons or responsibilities) are all about.
  • Does not tell us what to do, how to think or how to behave but it gives us clues and clarity about our choices so we can take responsibility for our lives.
  • Is about self-mastery and self-development, in preparation for joining in with the collective and service to humanity at a later stage of development. We explore every stage thoroughly, starting with self-service and self-awareness, and later this transforms into unconditional service to others. For example, would we sit and wolf down fresh cream cakes in front of starving children? We cut it up, share it around, and contribute to the community. Moreover, eventually, we learn to take only what we need. Think of the Jedi Masters. Master means teacher and there are always more lessons to learn from life. Experience is the greatest teacher.

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