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Read some inspired teachings every day, teachings that expand your mind and spiritual awareness. We have a few book recommendations to get you started but there is a whole universe of reading out there for you to discover.

A Jediist mantra is read, read, read and learn, learn, learn.

How to become a Buddha in Five weeks

The Simple Way to Self-Realisation

by Giulio Giacobbe

This is an excellent and easy to read an introduction to Buddhism, but if you can’t get a copy, do your own research and reading about Buddhism.

Jediism draws inspiration from all the world’s religions and mystical teachings but has a particular affinity with Buddhism in the way we position ourselves in the universe and space.

Trying to get your head around Buddhism can be very hard because it is such a vast topic but this epic book is a fantastic layman read.

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On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are

by Alan Watts

Don’t read this book unless you are ready to realise the truth and change your life completely.

It is all about spirituality and your place in the universe and I cannot recommend it enough for intelligent students of the Force.

If you can’t get the book do some research online about the writings of Alan Watts.

You won’t regret it.

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21 Rituals to Change Your Life

Daily Practices to Bring Greater Inner Peace and Happiness

by Theresa Cheung


A Jediist understands that his or her focus determines his or her reality but it is important to remember the power of our daily actions.

The simplest and most effective way to make our lives better is to change what we repeatedly do every day starting today. Repeat an action enough times and it will become a habit, but habits lack thought, consideration and presence.

To ensure long-lasting, meaningful change our actions need to be filled with a sense of personal meaning, purpose and power they need to be ritualised. Creating personal ritual in our lives allows us to bring the presence of the sacred into the everyday.

If we pay attention to what we actually do every day, our lives can transform. The rituals in this book have been created and designed as symbolic acts providing a framework for anyone to use to create positive change in their lives.

The 7 morning rituals are designed to help you ‘wake with determination’; the 7 afternoon rituals focus on ‘living on purpose’; and the 7 evening rituals focus on ‘retiring with satisfaction’.

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Transcendent Mind

Rethinking the Science of Consciousness

by Imants Baruss and Julia Mossbridge

Everyone knows that consciousness resides in the brain. Or does it?

In this book, Imants Barušs and Jediist Master trainer Julia Mossbridge utilise findings from quantum mechanics, special relativity, philosophy, and paranormal psychology to build a rigorous, scientific investigation into the origins and nature of human consciousness.

Along the way, they examine the scientific literature on concepts such as mediumship, out-of-body and near-death experiences, telekinesis, “apparent” vs. “deep time,” and mind-to-mind communication, and introduce eye-opening ideas about our shared reality.

The result is a revelatory tour of the “post-materialist” world and a roadmap for consciousness research in the twenty-first century.

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Psychic Dreaming

Dreamworking, Reincarnation, Out-of-Body Experiences & Clairvoyance

by Loyd Auberbach

Everyone is psychic to some degree, but did you know that your abilities can be enhanced while you dream?

Psychic Dreaming explores how parapsychology and dreamwork can be combined to boost creativity, improve your decision-making, and heal yourself in body and soul.

Parapsychologist and Jediist Master trainer Loyd Auerbach shows you how to identify telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and other psi experiences as they occur through dreams.

Discover dream incubation, lucid dreaming, and symbol interpretation to solve problems, relieve stress, confront your fears, and overcome nightmares.

Use your dreams to create psychic connections with your loved ones, and explore other points in time and space to create a complete picture of the person you are, the person you have been, and the person you will be in the future.

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Become The Force

9 Lessons on How to Live as a Jediist Master

by Daniel M. Jones

Become the Force covers:

  • Daniel’s own fascinating spiritual journey and how overcoming personal struggles has awakened him to his purpose.
  • How Jediist teachings can empower mind, body, heart and spirit.
  • A comprehensive toolkit that will allow anyone to genuinely embrace ‘the way of the Jediist.’
  • Compelling reasons why the spiritual teachings of Jediism are relevant today.
  • A comprehensive explanation of Jediism as a spiritual movement (a universal desire for self-awareness, spiritual awakening, peace, love and harmony) rather than a religion.
  • Shows that it’s plausible that the Jediist minded among us today might usher in a new spirituality and shift in global consciousness towards peace and harmony that is more powerful than any we can possibly imagine.
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