Jediist Mind Training


Jediist Communication Skills: 
Learn how to implant thoughts into the minds of others, how to communicate with the non-conscious part of people, understand how people form the reality they live in and how you can influence and change this reality and discover how to communicate in a way that can heal people by understanding about universal consciousness which permeates all things.
Jediist Awareness Training:
Learn how to increase your awareness so that you can see, hear and feel more in the world around you and recognise sensory information which previously went unnoticed. Discover the world of patterns of communication which gives you the ability to know more about what is going on inside people’s minds than they realise they are revealing and embed and enhance these new learnings with an opening your awareness guided meditation.
Jediist Life Balance Training: 
Learn how to live in harmony with the world around you, how to increase your wellbeing and life satisfaction through mindful living and the power of forgiveness and compassion, learn how accepting that everything happens for a reason can reduce stress and help you to find your path and understand your own personal story and about the importance of leading a life of humility, gratitude and acceptance and discover how getting your innate emotional needs met in healthy ways can lead to life balance and wellbeing.