Holistic Wellbeing


This module is a journey in discovering and embodying the Force that is within you. It will guide you to become more in tune with your physical body, teaching you how to eat and move in ways that feed your natural energy, and support you in living your full potential though harnessing your natural gifts and capacities, and Becoming the Force that is within you.

I’ll be guiding you through several main elements and practices around food and nutrition, movement, exercise, and yoga, and overall health and wellbeing. These elements are primary doorways to being fully present with yourself, others, and life, and inhabiting your body with strength, vitality, power, ease, and clarity. I’ve broken this module down into several videos, each with a slightly different theme and teaching, providing an experiential overview of some of the main elements you can learn to master on your way to feeling and living the Force that flows through you.