8th January

The birthday of dynamic strength
On The Dark Side

On The Dark Side

Egotistical, impatient, intolerant

On The Light Side

On The Light Side

Courageous, forceful, authoritative

Your greatest challenge is...

handling the feeling that others aren’t giving you enough respect

The way forward is…

to understand that respect is a two-way street; if you want respect, treat others with respect first.


Luck Maker

Give and receive in equal measure

When you help or give to someone else, without expecting anything in return, you double your chances of both luck and happiness.


The birthday of dynamic strength

People born on January 8 always make their presence felt. They are born with stunning potential to rise and shine above all obstacles and make an impact on the world around them.

Those born on this day expect to be acknowledged by others; as a result, others always come away impressed. Single-minded, hard-working, courageous and forceful, they have the potential within them to achieve almost everything they want. Because of their determined nature there can sometimes be a tendency to overdo things, so they need to make sure they do not become too obsessive by spending time with friends and loved ones, and having plenty of interests.

The belief, enthusiasm and dedication that people born on this day have for projects they love is not the only thing that makes them stand out from the crowd. They also possess great charm and sensitivity, and the ability to put people at ease. Although naturally intuitive, it is important that they do not let practicality and worldly ambition obscure this talent as it will serve them well in all areas of life, in particular their close personal relationships. After the age of forty-three their intuition and emotional sensitivity often increase.

The irony is that despite their almost superhuman confidence and self-possessed exterior, underneath they do from time to time feel anxious and insecure, with a tendency to wallow in dark moods and become despondent and demanding. Their hidden insecurities can also manifest in an impatience and intolerance of others or an egotistical desire to put others down. Every now and again they need to step off the pedestal they have made for themselves so that they can devote both their time and their considerable energy to nurturing friendships based on mutual love, understanding and respect.

If they can stay positive and develop tolerance and humility in their relationships with others, there is nothing to hold back people born on this day. They are meant to shine and, with their inspired awareness, inner strength and self-discipline, shine they well.

Intense and passionate

Those born on January 8 can have the tendency to be controlling; in some circumstances they may become obsessive and jealous. They need to check this tendency as it can destroy relationships. Having said that, they can be extremely warm and generous in a relationship when they feel secure enough to let down their guard and trust someone else.

Time to play

Competitive sports appeal to people born on this day but they might benefit more from playing games like charades, because such games give them a chance to laugh both at themselves and with others. Because they possess a tendency to push themselves too hard, they need to watch out for stress-related illnesses such as headaches, insomnia and depression. They also need to watch their posture, especially if they spend much of their day hunched in front of work or a computer. They should avoid rich food and steer clear of drugs altogether. If stress is a constant part of their daily routine, burning a chamomile—, lavender—or sandalwood-scented candle can produce a calming effect.

Born achievers

Whatever career these people choose, they tend to rise to the top, be it in the arts (where they can employ their imagination), the sciences (where they can employ their analytical skills), business (where they can employ their explosive impact on others) or humanitarian work (where they can employ their understanding and sympathetic nature). They can also make great designers and property developers, and their ability to communicate, teach and inspire others may lead them to education, politics, spirituality, medicine and philosophy.

To rise above the odds

The life path of people born on this day is to rise above the odds. Once they have developed their communication skills and the ability to put others at their ease, their destiny is to show others that the possibilities are always there and that if they keep positive and put in the necessary hard work they will be victorious.

Power Thought

“Recognizing the positive in others, I recognize the positive in myself”

Signs & Symbols

Sun Sign Capricorn
Ruling Planet Saturn; The Teacher
Symbol The Horned Goat
Birth Date Ruler Moon; The Intuitive
Favorable Numbers



Lucky Days Saturday and

Monday, especially when these days fall on 2 and 3 of the month

Lightsabre Colours Dark Blue Silver
Light Brown
Lightsabre Crystal Garnet