When you look at Jediism you might wonder exactly where to start, we are aiming to cover a huge variety of topics and finding the right starting point can be difficult. The Church Of Jediism has a lot of  practices that are built on the Jediism facts and Jediism rituals, stretching from the origins of the The symbol to the founding of the Jedi Church. [News article on the Church]

Obviously a great and first starting point is to grab our book, Become the Force written by founder Daniel M. Jones. But if you’re not a heavy reader, or don’t want to part with money then there are plenty of alternatives, we’ll be looking at the free training courses and what they offer. Understand that these courses are totally free, there’s no hidden price.

The Jediism Training

Star Wars Super Fan

Star Wars Super Fan Course

Super Star Wars Fan: This course isn’t aimed at testing your Star Wars knowledge, this is actually aimed to make you view the Star Wars Saga in a different way. So you can uncover meanings, themes and thoughts that you didn’t see the first fifty times you watched the saga. By taking a new viewpoint you will be able to find some of the links The Church of Jediism has to the films, and even discover your own that may benefit others. Click HERE to few this course.



Yamashima Karate

Yamashima Karate Course

Jediist Yamashima Martial Arts: This course is a series of videos that look at simple techniques from a black belt karate practitioner, Christopher Jones has been studying Karate since before I was born, so it goes without saying that his technique is spot on. If you’re interested in martial arts, this is a good starting point for your Jediism journey. Click HERE to few this course.

Conflict Awareness: In this course we look to separate what self defence is and what martial arts is. And we look to open your mind to violence, in what we call “violence philosophy”, every conflict is different, so can we ever really be prepared? This lesson is good for people who study self defence, martial arts, or hope to. Click HERE to few this course.



Mozart Effect: This was a very unique lesson for The Church of Jediism, we learn basics of keyboards and pianos and how to play them. The course is very easy to follow, and I am really, really not musical. It’s presented in a very upbeat fun way, and is a nice little course if you’re looking for something to do. Click HERE to few this course.

Super Brain Course

Super Brain Course

Superbrain: The Superbrain module aims to help Jediists understand how to keep their mind sharp, the course is divided into six pieces, covering things like memory and how your routine can affect your brain. The course works really nicely alongside our book if you have it, but works brilliantly without it too! Click HERE to few this course.

Exploring Consciousness and Archetypes: Here we explore not just different meditation techniques, but also how we can link Star Wars characters to ourselves, Richard Cox encourages us to delve deep into our own mind and body to see what we are overlooking. Several of the meditation techniques are inspired by characters within the Star Wars universe. If you’re stressed about life, this is a good starting point. It’s a relaxing and interesting journey. Click HERE to few this course.

Hopefully this gives you a bit of a guiding hand for your first Jediist steps. If you want to start training today then click HERE.


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