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    Dismounted troops secured the rain cape across the front of the body, while horse mounted troops left the zeltbahn loose. Bicycle troops secured the edges of the zeltbahn around each leg. (Illustrations from wartime manual.) zeltpon.jpg (65729 bytes). TENT EQUIPMENT. Each German soldier was also issued a set of tent
    Another phrase used was: Buntfarbenmuster (“Splittertarn”). Basically the shelter quarter was used for 2 purposes: to make a tent and as a rain poncho, but the shelter quarter could be used for a variety of purposes as explained in the official manual H.Dv. 205/1. Below, a Zelt with its basic accessories and the H.Dv. 205/1 is
    The Zeltbahn could be worn as a poncho, used individually as a ground sheet to make a lean-to, or, most often, four were buttoned together to make a pyramid tent. However, they were made in Our new Splinter Zeltbahns are exclusive to ATF. We have spent over a Infantry manual, How to mount on the. Tornister Pack
    To counter this they used their shelter half (zeltbahns) since they were made of camouflage material. Basically, to achieve this standard camouflage look, you would follow the instructions for the Foot Soldier Poncho. Once this is done and put on, then you would put your equipment on over top the poncho. This will create a
    17 Jun 2007 I’ll have a zeltbahn manual translated to English ready to sell in the next week or so. It’s dated 1932, with updates to 1937. It shows how to wear the zelt, and how to make tents, etc. It’s also extremely detailed for specifications and dimensions of how the zelt was made. John@GermanManuals.com
    These include Basic Infantry Training, the Unteroffizier Subject training manual, Stick Grenade, Rifle Grenade, March Compass, Field Fortifications, Drills and Commands, Zeltbahn, Marching, Shooting Instruction, Battalion Tactics, Panzergrenadiere Squad Training, Winter Warfare, U-Boat Commander’s manual, Bayonet

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