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    Vocoder is a system which is originally created for telecommunications as a tool for coding speech signal. Essentially what it does is that it analyzes input signal with a certain method and resulting data can be transmitted. At the receiving end this data is again synthesized for an output. However, since its creation, vocoder
    A vocoder is an audio processor that captures the characteristic elements of an an audio signal and then uses this characteristic signal to affect other
    VOCODERS. TIME DOMAIN. FREQUENCY DOMAIN. DIFFERENTIAL. NONDIFFERENTIAL. DELTA. ADPCM. PCM. SBC. ATC. Courtesy of R. Z. Zaputowycz. Characteristics of Speech signals. ? Nonuniform probability distribution of speech amplitude. ? Nonzero autocorrelation between successive speech samples.
    A vocoder is a category of voice codec that analyzes and synthesizes the human voice signal for audio data compression, multiplexing, voice encryption, voice transformation, etc. The earliest type of vocoder, the channel vocoder, was originally developed as a speech coder for telecommunications applications in the 1930s,
    2. The Channel Vocoder (analyzer): ? The channel vocoder employs a bank of bandpass filters,. ? Each having a bandwidth between 100 Hz and 300. Hz. ? Typically, 16-20 linear phase FIR filter are used. ? The output of each filter is rectified and lowpass filtered. ? The bandwidth of the lowpass filter is selected to.
    ABSTRACT. Vocoders received renewed attention recently as basic components in speech synthesis applications such as voice transformation, voice conversion and statistical parametric speech synthesis. This pa- per presents a new vocoder synthesizer, referred to as Vocaine, that features a novel Amplitude

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