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    9 Jun 2012 Here is an “early playing guide” for the T29 heavy tank. (All of this guide contains my opinions and experiences with the T29, so far. The T29 American Heavy tank is the first tank in the line of American tanks with immense turret armor, but average hull armor.
    18 Sep 2016 T29 guide help please – posted in Heavy Tanks: Ive just got my t29 and free xp the 90 mm gun. But with the Fighting flanking and circling fast lights and meds in the T29 when it’s not fully upgraded is going to be frustrating. I suggest Play support and don’t stick out unless in perfect hulldown. If engaged
    23 Dec 2016
    2 Oct 2013 Tank guide for the T29 in World of Tanks. This guide goes over strengths, weaknesses, and how to play the tank. Replays with commentary are also included.
    If we have used this guide while playing M6 tank, we should already have 90 mm M3 cannon – just mount it on the tank. Although, if we do not have it yet, it is first and most important module to research. After that we should develop new suspension and 105 mm T5E1 cannon. After mounting the gun we finish collecting
    14 Mar 2017 Playing the T29? – posted in General Discussion: As the title suggests, I need help on playing this tank. Ive gotten this tank about a week ago and so far its pretty average to me. Sure, it has turret armor, I’ve read guides on this, watched videos, etc. on this and here’s what I got: – Use your gun depression.

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