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    29 Dec 2006 Anyway, I will surely need some help with this at some point, and hopefully it will help someone else at a later stage thinking about the Solsylva plans. It’ll be a slow start because Im waiting on parts from the good ‘ole US of A, but I’ll cover in the next posts where I am at the moment. Good luck to me!
    What are the tables made of? The machines were all designed around stock sizes of USA materials that are available from homecenters and online. This includes framing lumber, steel pipe, threaded rod, nuts and bolts. Here are the plans’ materials lists. 13×13 Materials.pdf · 10×9 Materials.pdf · 18×24 Materials.pdf
    1 Jan 2008 The design of my machine is loosely based around the – Large Dual Leadscrew Table plans. I choose these plans a jumping off point – extracting what I needed and adding to the design to fit my needs. Linear motion control, next to the drive train, is often the most expensive system on a CNC
    The plans are downloaded as one PDF. The file name is 25x25_13x13_plans.pdf. Three Plans The 13×13, 25×25 and 24×48 digitally delivered as one PDF. $34.95. Three Plans Buy Now. The file size is 25,275 KB (25.3 MB) The file name is 24x48_25x25_13x13_plans.pdf. All five CNC plans digitally delivered as one PDF.
    30 May 2010 Here is the PDF specification that I was looking at. You’ll find that Fastenal has lots of stuff that is useful for your CNC builds at prices that are better than a Lowes or Home Depot. I find what I need on the Fastenal web site and print it out, then it makes it easier for them to get what you want. They’ll usually get
    Frame:EAI 430 Dataplotter circa 1973. X & Y Drives: 1.8deg 2.35V, 4.1A. Japan Servo, $50. Z Drive: 1.8deg 3A/PH. Old Printer. Design David K. Steel. Book: CNC Router Plans All threads 5/16” 18tpi. X=0..24”, Y=0..36” Z=0..5. Two limit switches on each axis. One Emergency Off Switch. Three Home switches.

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