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    25 Sep 2014 The G540 manual shows terminals #7 = Ground, #8 = Output, #9 = +10VDC are for the VFD. The VFD terminals (I think I’m looking at the right ones) are T1 = 0V, T2 = Remote Current Speed Input, T3 = +10V Output, T4 = Local Voltage Speed Input. There’s a B1 = Analog Output Motor Speed (but I think this
    G540 4-AXIS DRIVE. USERS MANUAL REV-4 JANUARY 14, 2009. GENERAL: Thank you for choosing to purchase the G540 4-Axis Drive system. If you are dissatisfied with it for any reason at all within two weeks of its purchase date, you may return it for a full refund provided it is cosmetically unmarred and undamaged
    16 Aug 2015 I’m having issues getting my CNC up and running with GRBL (0.9j) and a Gecko G540. I have everything Last edited by emexer3 on Tue Aug 18, 2015 11:31 pm, edited 1 time in total. emexer3 The step/dir outputs from the Arduino are connected via db25 connector as per the g540 manual. As far as I
    20 Jan 2017 Ok, I have jumped neck deep into my first time in the CNC world. I bought a 6040 Chinese machine, and from what I read on here, I ordered a G540 at the same time. I never even plugged it in with the original electronics. Have the G540 up and running, but am stumped on the VFD that came with the
    5 Mar 2012 Geckodrive Inc. fully warranties the G540 against workmanship defects for 1 year after its purchase date. PLEASE READ FIRST BEFORE USING THE G540. Before beginning, be sure to have a suitable step motor, a DC power supply suitable for the motor and a current set resistor. The motor’s rated phase
    тел.: (495) 786 21 00, факс: (495) 786 21 01, Email:, Глава 2. Установка / Подключение. 2 4. PM-G520-1,5K-RUS. PM-G540-2,2K-RUS. PM-G540-3,7K-RUS. PM-G540-4,0K-RUS. PM-G540-5,5K-RUS. PM-G540-7,5K-RUS

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