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    Being able to switch gears is important for playing Burn well. Sequencing is important as well. If you’re playing a 3 color deck, you could inadvertently cut yourself out of a color if you don’t sequence your lands correctly. Imagine a situation where you’re playing Naya but your opener
    12 Jul 2017 Hey everyone! So with my first ever GP coming up (GP Birmingham-Modern), i thought it would be fun to do a sideboard guide for the deck i’ll be playing; Naya Burn. If you disagree with anything i say, please tell me, i’m doing this too learn myself just as much as i am too teach you about the deck.
    29 Jan 2017 Creatures (14). 4, Goblin Guide, r, 64.00. 2, Grim Lavamancer, r, 6.50. 4, Monastery Swiftspear, r, 3.80. 4, Eidolon of the Great Revel, r, 38.00. Spells (26). 4, Lava Spike, r, 19.72. 4, Lightning Bolt, r, 10.08. 4, Boros Charm, r w, 13.96. 3, Lightning Helix, r w, 6.87. 4, Searing Blaze, r, 5.72. 3, Skullcrack, 1 r, 5.10.
    21 Aug 2016 Two weeks ago I was able to land a Modern PPTQ with a Naya Burn deck, hopefully to set myself up for Pro Tour Dublin. Hopefully this short writeup will . In the deciding game of my PPTQ, my Goblin Guide revealed a Skullcrack on top of my opposing burn deck’s stack. That meant he was going to miss
    1 Oct 2016
    9 Aug 2016 My name is Lee Marino. I’m a red mage hailing from Denver, Colorado. A few weeks ago, I burned down the World Magic Cup Qualifier in Lincoln, Nebraska, playing one of my favorite decks: Burn. After work on Saturday, local heroes Brandon Nelson, Nick Connell, Eric Weeden, and I all piled into Eric’s

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