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    See the Midgame FAQ in the Capstone Guide for more info. The “Sales Forecast” result from the spreadsheet goes into the Capsim Marketing section. The “Production Amount” result goes into the “Production Schedule” in the Capsim Production section. If the “Total Capacity” number from the spreadsheet is larger than the
    Capsim Guides – Capsim Capstone – TIPS 5 – R&D 8 Rounds guicapsim-capstone-tips-5-r-d-8-rounds-guides-round-by-round-guide-from-round-1-to-round-8des – Round by Round Guide from Round 1 to Round 8
    8 Nov 2017
    Comp-XM study guide. Version of 5 April 2008. To do well on the nine Comp-XM questions you should be conversant and capable in 1. recognizing whether a bond was trading at a premium or a discount. 2. calculating segment demand in the future from the Comp-XM booklet & Inquirer. (equivalent to the Capstone
    I do agree with the +1 automation per turn. That seems like a good idea. Edit: After doing 3/4 CompXM rounds, his idea does work. I’d say do closer to .55 or .6 of forecast, then do 1.1x forecast for production. That would yield better results, but this guide is a good way to just pass with probably an 85%ish.
    23 Jun 2017

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