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    Jefferson is the Chibaku Star in Suikoden III and the self-appointed appointer of Budehuc Castle. Jefferson is a mysterious and stubborn appointer who assigns titles to people at will. After the Fire Bringer was reformed and set up its headquarters at Budehuc Castle, Jefferson
    I welcome you to the castle building section of the Suikoden III shrine. Appointer. Locate in the east side of the castle is a room where the tough Jefferson can
    Walkthrough for Suikoden III for the PS2, North American Release. Version 2.25 copyright dan -Once you get the Appointer. 6. Medal Sets. The Old Books
    Suikoden 3: Miscellaneous Items. Most miscellaneous items listed Medal sets need to be given to the appointer, Jefferson. Each medal set will increase the
    6 Jan 2003 For Suikoden III on the PlayStation 2, Budehuc Castle Guide by squalldaman.
    Once you get the Appointer you can give him Medal Sets These Sets contain As I stated earlier, this walkthrough isn’t intended to grab all these items. Like past Suikoden games, the ceiling experience level is around 60 for Suikoden III.
    Gather your peeps and at the beginning of Chapter 4 after Thomas volunteers his castle try enter or leave the Castle with Cecile or Juan free
    10 Sep 2003 Suikoden III has this very cool thing called the Trinity Site System which allows you to play the Now you don’t have to look for the Walkthrough section to find a certain boss strategy. Jefferson – Mysterious “appointer”.
    13 Aug 2015 Jefferson (???????, Jefason) is a supporting character in Suikoden III. Jefferson is an “appointer”, giving titles to people he encounters.
    Apart from regular items you’ll acquire in Suikoden III (such as healing herbs and MEDAL SETS: Once you recruit the Appointer, you can give him Medal Sets,

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