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    Connections (connection port). Install the indoor unit according to the table below, which shows the relationship between the class of indoor unit and the corresponding port. The total indoor unit class that can be connected to this unit: 2MXS18* – Up to 24000 Btu. 3MXS24* – Up to 39000 Btu. 4MXS36* – Up to 48000 Btu.
    2MXS18* – Up to 24000 Btu. 3MXS24* – Up to 39000 Btu. 4MXS36* – Up to 48000 Btu. The line set piping size is determined by the size of the indoor unit fittings. Reducers are used at the outdoor unit to accommodate the correct gas line pipe size. Port. 2MXS18*. 3MXS24*. 4MXS36*. A. 07, 09, 12. 07, 09, 12. 07, 09, 12. B.
    Standard features. Quiet operating top discharge. Copper tube/aluminum fin coil. Totally enclosed and permanently lu· bricated condenser motor. Factory-installed liquid line filter drier. Brass suction and liquid service valve with sweat connections. Hermetically sealed compressor with internal high-pressure relief. Contactor
    Caution Items. The caution items are classified into. Warning and. Caution. The. Warning items are especially important since they can lead to death or serious injury if they are not followed closely. The. Caution items can also lead to serious accidents under some conditions if they are not followed. Therefore, be sure to
    4MXS36. 2 Zone. 2 Zone. 3 Zone. 2 Zone. 3 Zone. 4 Zone. 07+07. 07+07. 07+07+07. 07+07. 07+07+07. 07+07+07+07. 07+09. 07+09. 07+07+09. 07+09. 07+07+09. 07+07+07+09. 07+12. 07+12. 07+07+12. 07+12. 07+07+12. 07+07+07+12. 07+15. 07+15. 07+07+15. 07+15. 07+07+15. 07+07+07+15. 09+09. 07+18.
    With the Daikin Quad- Zone you get the 4MXS36NMVJU outdoor unit and your choice of up to 4 indoor units to heat & cool 4 separate areas at once.

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