As best you can, do no harm to others (whether physical or mental/emotional).

As best you can, have compassion for others, their opinions, their beliefs, their ideas, and their actions.

As best you can, help people when possible.  However, it is permitted to avoid putting oneself in danger unless you are trained to deal with dangerous situations/people.

As best you can, do not psychically harm others.

As best you can, do not psychically influence objects or events in ways or leading to outcomes that might harm others.

As best you can, respect others even if you disagree with them. Accept that everyone has some value.

As best you can, be non-judgmental of others as they are now, and do not condemn them automatically for their past mistakes and behaviour (especially if they acknowledge responsibility).

Always remember that people deserve Psychic Privacy

Remember that your psychic “shield” can not only keep out the thoughts and psychic activity of others, it can keep your own thoughts to yourself.

As best you can, use your abilities for the greatest good.

Remember that learning is a continual thing. Continue to seek out new ideas and information.

As best you can, always conduct yourself in a manner that reflects positively on yourself, but be aware that not everyone will perceive you that way, because they see the world differently than you do. Accept that, and respect that.

As best you can, accept responsibility for your actions and the consequences of those actions. Know that others must do the same.

Do not claim expertise in a field or area that you are not truly knowledgeable.

Overcome or ignore your fear of the unknown, especially with regards to other people. Because something or someone is “unknown” or a stranger should not lead to fear or false judgment

Respect diversity in all things. Never discriminate. Do not let preconceptions about a person or group of people get in the way of this.

Strive to understand diverse people, cultures, beliefs, religions, ideas, etc. – even if you do not personally agree with them

Violence should never be the first choice, even as a reaction to violence. However, do not fail to protect yourself or others.

Question…question…question…but do so with respect and try to convey that you are trying to understand the other’s position/ideas/beliefs. There is nothing wrong with asking questions instead of blindly accepting things as they are/as they are told to you.

You do not have to engage with those who, in turn, refuse to respect you, your position, or your ideas/beliefs. But we have much to learn from others we may not agree with.

Assume people are “good” or “neutral” first – let their communications and actions show otherwise, but do not disregard those intuitive/gut feelings

Admit when you are wrong. There is no shame in that, as it is “only human.”

Nature is Neutral. It is humanity that frames the context of what is good and what is evil, out of understanding and acceptance or out of fear and dismissal.

Be wary of letting your own ego grow too large (unless you can temper that with a good sense of humour). Greed and the lust for personal power over situations, things, and especially people leads to the dark side.

Do not act or speak in a manner that will reflect poorly on the Church of Jediism.